I'm from Bombay, India and graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA and an emphasis in Designed Objects in May 2016. 

I am interested in cross-cultural ideas of childhood, home, and play. In the past I have worked with poor urban toddlers in a mobile crèche in Mumbai to research low-cost, stimulating play materials and further extended this research in Tanzania. I have also had the opportunity to exhibit my work in Milan Design Week 2016, Toronto Design Offsite 2016, WantedDesign 2016, and Neocon 2016.

I create objects, spaces, and experiences that encourage playfulness through sensory stimulation and open-ended physical interactions. My design belongs in everyday life and desires to be touched, manipulated, and interacted with. In a world that is becoming more mindful of its impact and more inclusive towards fluid identities and different kinds of bodies, I believe in designing objects that are neutral to gender, handedness i.e. left or right-handed, and are most importantly, FUN! 

Recently, I have been exploring “spontaneous etymology” i.e. children's propensity for interpreting imperfectly understood words in imaginative ways, and other linguistic games to describe things around me in order to bring playfulness and nonsensical wit into my practice. The idea is to imagine compelling descriptions by using verbal tools like alliterations to create meaningful objects.

I’m available to take on projects as a designer, creative director, photographer, stylist and/or illustrator. If you like my work and want to hire me/collaborate/say hi, then please do message! Don't be shy!

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