Mammals of Lahaul // for sanctuary asia

Informative bi-lingual posters commissioned by Sanctuary Asia to teach children about the mammals found in the Lauhaul region of Spiti Valley, India. These will be printed and distributed in village schools by their Mud on Boots Project Leader Shiv Kumar, who is a forest guard in Himachal Pradesh. My idea was to use the diagonal to represent the slope of the Himalayan mountains, and use colour to suggest their unique habitats, in addition to making the posters visually coherent of course. The different textures on each animal are used to illustrate its physical characteristics in an interesting way for the kids !


coral-phabets !


Illustrative series identifying corals beginning with each alphabet for the annual 36 days of type challenge.


resort // for pani swimwear

Creatives for a summer resortwear pop-up in Bombay organized by PANI, an ethically crafted and body-positive swimwear brand !


abecedary of nonsensical objects


Compelling descriptions, which are alliterations, to create amazing nonsensical objects, which are alliterations ! I started this series for the annual 36 days of type challenge !
Book, 8” x 8”

abecedary of nonsensical objects booklet.jpg
book cover.jpg

khilone // for mumbai mobile creches


I worked with Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) to gain perspective on early childhood development amongst the minimum wage population of India. MMC provides day care and early childhood development programmes to the children of construction workers in Mumbai. It acted as a knowledge base and allowed interaction with children and parents from this income bracket to better understand ideas about childhood needs and expectations from the parents’ point of view.
After rigorous primary and secondary research my finds revealed that: the care and stimulation that children got at the creche did not carry over when the children went home. The teachers wanted to be able to communicate better and have more of a dialogue with the parents. Babies and toddlers recognized, approached, and played with objects that were familiar to them from their home. With these objects, children demonstrated ways of playing that they were not introduced to in the creche.
I created a poster/booklet that identifies these household objects - a stool, a mosquito net, a rolling pin and a bowl, and their potential for play, to the parents and/or caretakers of the children.