wicket leeks exhibition at Flux Factory!


So excited to be showing a book I made with Sneha Mehta in New York this saturday ! Through our book “PLAY FARE - Culinary leftovers from the Raj, the evolution of club cuisine, & contemporary eating in Bombay’s colonial-era clubs”, we try to grapple with the unsavory history of a rarely documented sub-culture & the delicious hodgepodge that is club food !

Curated by Abdul Dube, Illesha Khandelwal and Will Owen, Wicket Leeks uses the lenses of food and sports to showcase cooks, athletes, researchers, artists, coaches, and makers to help investigate the unsavory histories of nationalist, religious, and corporate colonialism in a palatable way, while not sugar-coating its effects, in order to help us better digest our present and cook up a healthier future.

The title Wicket Leeks refers to the wicket– a part of the equipment for the sport of Cricket spread by the British Empire, and Leeks– one of the most common and ancient edible plants in the onion family. It is also in reference to WikiLeaks– the international investigative journalism non-profit.

Featured Artists: Anna Andrzhievskaia, Epicurean Endocrinology (Liz Flyntz & Byron Rich), Fay Sanders, Hande Sever, Janine Georgette (Hamilton), Jaime Sunwoo, Jevijoe Vitug, Jordany Geao, Dr. Joshua D. Phillips, Jess Rolls, Julian Louis Phillips, Kacie Lyn Martinez, Lexy Ho-Tai, Miss Expanding Universe (Ashley Yang-Thompson), Nathaniel Sullivan, Nick Whittock, Shane Farrell, Sneha Mehta & Mallika Chandra, Zaid Islam

Full schedule here.

JUNE 22 - JULY 13
Wicket Leeks Exhibition at Flux Factory
39-31 29th Street Long Island City, NY 11101
Exhibition Hours: Thursday-Sunday 1-6pm
Opening Reception: June 22nd, 6-10pm